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RM54.60 - RM1,100.00 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
G80 Multi-Axis Swivel Hoist Ring
Price RM54.60 - RM1,100.00 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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G80 Multi-Axis Swivel Hoist Ring

Multi-Axis Swivel Hoist Point provides a 360° degree rotation and 180° degree pivot which facilitates the lifting job. The fast growing demand and rapid development of swivel hoist ring has drastically replaced the old fashioned type of lifting bolt DIN580 in recent years. Forged alloy steel with quenched and tempered process giving distinctive strength comparing to old cast iron DIN580 type lifting bolt which always resulted dangerous body twist while tackling heavy weight. Swivel is then invented to offer a higher flexibility yet increasing the safe of use. 

Product Features :-

  • High quality forged alloy steel quenched and tempered 
  • Able to tackle different direction and angle forces
  • 4times safety factor from the indicated working load limit
  • Comes with ball bearing ensure smooth rotation while under load
  • Integral die forging support base and thread
  • ISO Metric Thread tolerances 6G



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