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RM16.70 - RM18.80 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
25MM Ratchet Tie Down Belt LC 450kg/MBL 900kg
Price RM16.70 - RM18.80 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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  • Brand : Cargolax
  • Material Width : 25mm (1")
  • Lashing Capacity : 450kg
  • Minimum Breaking Strength : 900kg
  • Hook : Both end double J-hook
  • Product Conform to or exceed the standard: AS 4380:2001  BS EN 12195-2
  • Product come with mill certificate


Order Lead Time:

  • 2 - 4 Working days to reach our warehouse if the item out of stock, kindly check the stock availability with us if you need urgently 


Technical Information:

To lash the load:

  1. Attach hooks to stable attachment point.
  2. Insert free end of the webbing through the center slot of the ratchet reel (FIG 1) and pull it out to take up slack (FIG 2).
  3. Move the ratchet handle back and forth (FIG 3) to tighten the webbing with minimum of 2 ½ turns of the ratchet reel.
  4. Close ratchet handle to lock in place.


To release:

  1. Pull the spring release bar to open ratchet until 180 degree and pull the webbing out (FIG 4).


Reminder & Warning

  • Do Not Use this product for lifting purposes.
  • Hooks and webbing must be in line with direction of pull.
  • The sum of the rated assembly strength (Lashing capacity) of the lashing should be at least two times to the weight of the load for safety margin as force impact might occur during travelling.
  • Always check the label for lashing capacity.
  • Do not tie knot in the webbing; Discard the product if worn or tear of the webbing.
  • Protect the webbing against the abrasion and/or cutting by using edge protector and sleeves for sharp edge.
What's in the box

1 x Ratchet Tie Down Belt