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RM611.90 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
25MM-50MM One Way Lashing Strap Tensioner
Price RM611.90 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
Brand OEM
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Manual Strap Tensioner is widely used in One Way Lashing System , Container Lashing and box packaging by tighten the One Way Lashing webbing or the plastic strap by using push and twist mechanism. This model of strap tensioner is different from the traditional strapping tools by having more compacted structure, light weight, strong pulling tension, and easy operate.



  • Powder coated steel body
  • Compatible for the strap width 25mm to 50mm, strap below 25 can be used but not recommended as it might slip due to improper align of the strap
  • Shaft Twisting Mechanism allow higher tension of pulling and increase efficiency during work
  • Flat handle to prevent slip during work
  • Hardened gear to increase the life span of the tensioner 



To lash the load:

1) Press the handle down and slip the strap through the shaft's slot and the clamping claw
2) Make sure to take up the slack by pulling the strap before release the handle
3) Push and pull the handle repeatly until the shaft B make 2 1/2 turns(recommended)
4) Repeat step 3 if the strap having low tension(sagging)
5) Press the handle down to cut the strap and the job is done


Technical Information:


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