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RM261.10 - RM649.60 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
CDH Type Vertical Lifting Clamp
Price RM261.10 - RM649.60 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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CDH Vertical Lifting Clamp

CDH type vertical lifting clamp has wider jaw compare to other model, it is designed to lift single steel plate and steel structure vertically which weight below or equal to the working load limit of the clamp. The spring locking system ensure the clamp is always locked to prevent slip while lifting or unload the object.



  • Made from High Quality Low Carbon Steel
  • High frequency quenching of die-forged grant better durability to the clamp
  • Brand: BR International
  • The working load limit (WLL) is the maximum load that the clamp are authorized to support when use in pairs


*Price Stated are unit price


Technical Information:


Reminder & Warning

  • Always check the operation of your lifting clamp before use and never use a worn or damaged lifting clamp.  
  • Make sure the plate is free from grease, oil, paint and scale etc to avoid slip.
  • Ensure the clamp is locked before lifting.
  • Highly avoid snatch & shock lifting.
  • Lift only one plate at a time.
  • Use two clamp for long plate for symmetrical lifting.
  • Never exceed the maximum working load limit.
  • Take extra care at the transition from horizontal to vertical lifting, 180 deg flip. 
  • Never stand underneath the lifting object.
  • A rope line is suggested tie in choker method to guide the direction of the plate in order to prevent swinging. 
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