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Stainless Steel 304 G414 Wire Rope Thimble
Price RM0.90 - RM3.20 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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Stainless steel Grade 304 Wire rope Thimble is used on wire rope sling eye section. Its function is to protect the wire rope from direct contact on bearing point, sacrifice itself on wear and tear, it also protect the wire rope sling at eye from fold by low D to d ratio.


Grade 304 stainless steel is generally regarded as the most common austenitic stainless steel as it contains high nickel content around 10% and also high amount of chromium at approximate 18 to 20%. Above mentioned 2 essential elements create a strong corrosion resistance and chromium helps in order to deter against rust by forming an outer layer of oxide. Stainless steel is able to retain its corrosion resistance even the surface is heavily scratched. Other than nickel and chromium, there are other major elements including manganese, silicon, carbon. The remainder of chemical composition is primaly iron. 


It is exceptionally well for the application of marine industry, food industry and semiconductor industry.