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RM5.40 - RM35.20 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
Stainless Steel 316 Medium Link Chain
Price RM5.40 - RM35.20 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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Stainless Steel 316 Medium Link Chain designed for maximum corrosion resistance application. Please take note that it is not suitable for overhead lifting.


Grade 316 stainless steel contains high chromium and nickel content. Added 2-3% Molybdenum (According to weight) giving it's distinctive corrosion resistance. Grade 316 also contains silicon, manganese, carbon and majority of the composition being iron. The difference between Grade 304 and Grade 316 is the chemical composition. Higher composition of Molybdenum will result a stronger corrosion resistance especially in high salted and chloride environment. 


Grade 316 is greatly used in the medical devices and tools, refinery equipment, chemical processing and storage equipment and marine rigging hardware. The only disadvange comparing to Grade 304 that is formability issue because of high content of Molybdenum.



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