Things you should avoid while using the cargo net to lift the objects

When using a cargo net, there are a few important things to avoid to ensure safety and proper usage. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Overloading: Avoid exceeding the weight limit specified for the cargo net. Overloading can lead to the net's failure and compromise the safety of your cargo.

  2. Damaged or worn-out nets: Avoid using cargo nets that are damaged, frayed, or have worn-out straps. Such nets may not provide sufficient strength and can pose a risk during lift.

  3. Improper hanging point: Avoid improper attachment of the cargo net. Make sure the use the lifting eye of the cargo net instead of hook at the net mesh.

  4. Inadequate coverage: Avoid oversize object as it will force your stitches to broke apart, and damge your cargo net as abrasion against the lifting eye parts. Ensure that the cargo net adequately covers and secures the entire load to prevent items from shifting or falling off.

  5. Sharp edges or protruding objects: Avoid placing sharp-edged or protruding objects directly against the cargo net. They can damage the net or cause it to tear, compromising its integrity.

  6. Insufficient inspection: Avoid neglecting regular inspections of the cargo net. Check for any signs of wear, damage, or loose fastenings before each use. Replace or repair any compromised components promptly.

Remember, proper usage and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial when using a cargo net to ensure the secure lifting of your object

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Image of lift oversize object using cargo net:

Image of broken stitches after lift the oversize cargo: