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RM4.00 - RM6.30 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
G411 Wire Rope Thimble
Price RM4.00 - RM6.30 Product Price Excluding Shipping Fees
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G411 Heavy Duty type Wire Rope is commonly use in hard eye wire rope sling making. It meets the performance requirements of Federal Specification FF-276B-Type II. With the hot dip galvanised surface fisnishing, the thimble have higher resistant to corrosion.


Wire Rope Thimble is used to create a layer of support and protect the wire rope, it prevent direct contact at the bearing point of wire rope and the lifting accessories with large point pressure, crushing of the wire rope. Besides, it could extend the life of wire rope sling as it could avoid kinking and deformation of wire rope sling eye which would cause the premature failure.


Always choose the right thimble size which compatible to the wire rope size to serve its function.


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