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Standard Length Aluminium Ferrule EN 13411-3 DIN 3093
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Aluminium Ferrule Size

Function of the Aluminium ferrule is to form a Sling eye for bearing point by swage it using splicing machine for wire rope size 3mm to 60mm, for wire rope size below 3mm can swage using Manual hand swager. The efficiency of the termination for Aluminium Ferrule splicing is 90% of the wire rope breaking strength with proper splicing technique and standard length ferrule. Short type ferrule is not allow for Lifting Wire Rope Sling making. By using aluminium ferrule for wire rope termination could save time (significant for large diameter wire rope) and still acheive the same termination efficiency as Flemish eye (technique use before Aluminium ferrule splicing being widely used).



Conform to Standards EN 13411-3 and DIN 3093



Size of the ferrule must be compatible to diameter of the wire rope, kindly consult for professional or you may refer to the technical information below. Do not use ferrule length shorter than chart below for wire rope sling(lifting) making for TS1960N/mm2 wire rope, it affects the wire rope termination efficiency.


Technical Information:



*Cite from EN 13411-3 document

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